Monday, November 18, 2013

Painted Palms Release New Song "Forever" (Album Due January 14)

Painted Palms (Photo by Andy DeSantis)
The duo known as Painted Palms appeared on my new music radar back two years ago, when a tune from their debut EP, Canopy, "All of Us," claimed a spot on my Summer 2011 New Music Playlist. Cousins Reese Donohue and Christopher Prudhomme grew up together in Lafayette, Lousiana and after years apart are together again in San Francisco.  They have always shared their music whether across town or miles apart --compositions with 60s psych pop leanings using modern electronic production.

Last spring the pair released Carousel, a 7" that yielded another pick for my Spring 2013 New Music Playlist, "Click."  Now, they're preparing to drop a full album in January via Polyvinyl Records, with the title track "Forever" ready to preview.  The song begins with action packed distortion worthy of a film score, before vocal and percussive layers make way for a melodic chorus through the creative clutter.  Thoughtful lyrics bring an introspective vibe that allows for a bit of ironic shoe gazing, as Prudhomme sings "Thinking about myself too much I can see that/I don't know what to be."