Friday, October 18, 2013

YouTube Playlist of Fall 2013 New Music Songs

Here's my Fall 2013 New Music Playlist in YouTube form for those of you who enjoy visuals while listening to this next compilation.  I was surprised to find Superchunk's "FOH" did not have any tour footage to accompany the song about life on stage as a band -- how easy would that be? Plus as the founders of Merge Records, you'd imagine they'd be hip to the idea of YouTube videos as a promotional tool (plus you wouldn't even need to film anything, just dive into the archived decades of these road warriors!)  

After that, the rest of the list mostly have official videos for each song. I enjoyed getting to know the Generationals on the screen in their natural habitat of New Orleans, since I know little about them. But I opted not to use the one for of Montreal's "Fugitive" since it had more than I ever needed to see of frontman (a very appropriate word in this case) Kevin Barnes.  Sigur Rós has a lyric video for “Ísjaki,” which is handy for all those wondering what Jónsi is singing about, if you know Icelandic anyway.

And I'm not sure what TV On the Radio was thinking with the intro scene before the song, but this band deserves all the creative freedom they want as long as they keep making such amazing music. Plus check out the drawings for Moderat's "Bad Kingdom" as imagined by Pfadfinkerei, credited as Director and for Production.