Monday, March 11, 2013

DJ Moon (a.k.a. James Murphy's Nephew) Releases EP "Day/Night"

Cover artwork by Colby Rene Bonck
As a Facebook follower of all my fave bands, a post appeared recently by James Murphy of now defunct (sniff) LCD Soundsystem.  It provided a link to his nephew Stephen's project as DJ Moon with a note saying how proud he was that everything was created independently of any DFA label
connections (and while still in college too, I know because in a small world happenstance my son Jake caught a set while visiting a friend up in Boston).  I'd say snap him up!

Check out the songs at link from the fb post embedded below or directly here. On the band website  is a mission statement that sounds a similar LCD "I was there" mantra. Stephen writes "I am an electronic musician from Boston.  I make music I want to listen to.  You might like it too."

ok, my (james') nephew stephen (aka M|O|O|N) who i've mentioned here before, has made another EP, and i've just heard it. it's his best, and i really love it, so i'm just sharing it here, being kind of a proud uncle--possibly most proud of the fact that i only hear this stuff when he's done, and that he self releases and never asks me to put it out on DFA, which is pretty ballsy, if you ask me.

much respect.