Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nutmeg State of Mind Charity Compilation Honors Newtown

Cover Photo by Chris Trigaux
Terry Carr and Peter Kelly of the new music discovery website The Up-Turn have released a comprehensive compilation of Connecticut-based bands in honor of the Newtown tragedy.  Nutmeg Stage of Mind is dedicated to the 26 victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School, as an "opportunity to help give some positive meaning to the outcome." These two college guys from Greenwich, Connecticut, put together a 19-track album encompassing many genres to "demonstrate our rich music scene and deep Connecticut pride while also attempting address a problem in our country." 100% of profits will be donated to Mental Health America, the country's leading nonprofit dedicated to "helping all people life mentally healthier lives."  With a suggested donation of just $5 per download, everyone is encouraged to listen/donate/share at the link here:

The music begins with the carefully crafted indie pop of A Beacon School (just written up in my last post).  More indie cred continues with Ghost of Chance, Dwight Smith and The Guru. Yet the collection boasts impressive breadth, with songs funky (Body Cheetah), punky (Fins) and folksy (Closely Watched Trains).  The solid rock in Birth of Flower along with a raucous trio of M.T. Bearing, Sidwalk Dave and Myty Konkeror, balances out the rap of Chef the Chef and Ghost Row.  There's the electronica of Color Plus and the fuzzed out psychedelia of Slates, while the cryptic spoken lyrics of Steeve provides closure with a wistful synth soundscape.  Lots to explore musically, plus the download comes with a PDF of artfully curated photos taken in Connecticut (see a few below).