Thursday, June 28, 2012

NMS New York Music Festival eMusic Showcase June 19

With over 100 artists at 17 venues across four nights, the participants in New Music Seminar's new New York Music Festival had plenty to choose from -- on the website sixteen genres were featured plus "other" for everything else. It's certainly not easy to categorize music on the scene these days.  Looking through the list I saw a band I had been wanting to see anyway, and zeroed in immediately.  Hooray for Earth was featured in my New Music Summer 2011 Playlist so I was interested to finally see them play live. Well it was so loud and distorted I could hardly recognize that song, much less the rest of the set.  A darkened stage didn't help much either, even though Noel Heroux made a fine frontman.

Paul with Noel Heroux
A co-worker of Paul's knows him, so Paul went over before their set to say hello.  The band was in the middle of the eMusic showcase bill with Yellowdogs and Amanaguchi at a new venue in the Lower East Side with an historic name, Tammany Hall.  Official PopMatters
write up here and scan of full schedule after photos below.

The scene at Tammany Hall, new cool venue
As Hooray for Earth set up, sound guys kept an eye on the bball playoffs with a TV to the side...  HA!