Monday, June 25, 2012

Matt and Kim Release New Single "Let's Go"

Matt and Kim (Photo courtesy of Fader)
Matt and Kim just released a single off their upcoming album, Lightning.  It's called "Let's Go," and in typical M&K style, it boasts an uptempo rollin' beat with Matt's cooing intro providing an underpinning for his yelping-with-a-smile vocals, plus a whacking drum solo by Kim. At their concert at Terminal 5 almost a year ago to the day, even their first song began with a blast of frenetic energy (was not easy for Paul to capture that video, check it out here). So it was with mixed feelings that I watched the video below, which has Matt and Kim sitting on the bleachers watching their friend Pat the Roc putting some streetball moves on a basketball court. (They met him during the 2011 Converse Band of Ballers when Matt and Kim were team captains -- their team won the championship!)

Last year I also jumped at the chance to interview Matt Johnson for PopMatters, being such a fan of the band. We discussed their method for songwriting and how their high energy is a natural state of everyday being. For this new album, Johnson says the two spent the winter locked in their place on Grand Street in Brooklyn.  “When not watching Game of Thrones or Downton Abbey, we were self-producing and recording our new album Lightning." Johnson explains. "We are SO proud of each and every one of these songs that we are going to roll out a few of them over the course of the summer. So here it is, the first song from Lightning, titled “Let’s Go”.  Just for us, put this on your iPod, get in the car, roll your windows down, and turn your stereo up!" Roger that.

Matt and Kim - LET'S GO - Official First Listen