Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vacationer Interview and Review @ Webster Hall May 18

People ask me how I learn about new music.  Besides my love of online public radio, I am now on the email distribution lists of record labels and publicity contacts, which I allow to accumulate until there's time to check things out if only for a quick listen.  But there's nothing like a good recommendation from one dedicated music fan to another in the spirit of shared discovery.  Along that vein, my son Jake sent me a link to a snowboarding video last spring noting a particular song on the soundtrack.  He said how the band had "the best sunny day spring album feel to them" -- perfect for the changing of the seasons. 

Luckily the music was tagged so it was easy to track down the group Vacationer and their song "Good As New."  Several songs off their debut release Gone, are getting good pick up and their first headlining show at The Studio at Webster Hall was packed with fans singing along.  We made it a family affair as Jake snapped the pics, Paul captured some videos and I scribbled notes for a write up.  The next week I was able to arrange a quick phoner with frontman Kenny Vasoli (link to PopMatters concert review and interview here). Concert photos and set list below...

Kenny Vasoli 
Vacationer on stage @ The Studio at Webster Hall
With my interview subject
Bass Players Unite!  Jake, Kenny & Paul

Kenny working the merch table...
gotta love that!
And even better, happily signing things for fans!

Vacationer Set List