Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chairlift Interview & Review @ Webster Hall May 8

Caroline Polachek on stage at Webster Hall
When I responded to a PopMatters opportunity to interview Caroline Polochek of the Brooklyn-based indie outfit known as Chairlift, the band was over in Paris in the middle of a European tour.  Weeks went by before I heard from the publicist again, who wanted to schedule something while they were on the road on this continent.   There was a lot of back and forth in order to patch the phone call through from my land line hooked up to Audio Recorder on the Mac computer at my desk (which I'm always nervous about remembering to hit record to capture everything!)  Polachek got on the call as the group was crossing from Canada into the U.S. and the discussion began about location so I told her I was in the suburbs of Connecticut.  

With Caroline after the show
"Where? That's where I grew up," she explained.  Well it turns out we went to the same high school, though of course Polachek graduated long after I did.  But it was a great way to break the ice during a long distance introduction between two strangers and the discussion flowed easily after that.  When I chatted with Polachek after Chairlift's recent show at Webster Hall, she told me how "that was a really fun conversation actually."  I always enjoy meeting an interview subject in person and she was so sweet to say this...

Write up on PopMatters here and additional photo/video below.

Patrick Wemberly

Chairlift Set List

Chairlift "I Belong In Your Arms" @ Webster Hall 5/08/12