Monday, June 17, 2013

"Open Eye Signal" Video -- New Song From Jon Hopkins' Latest Album

Jon Hopkins (Photo via Domino Records)
Jon Hopkins is a classically trained musician who creates electronic music that expands the genre off the dance floor into the environment of real experiences and memories. He is not above using the piano he's played since eight or sounds such as fingers tapping on a desk, salt and pepper shakers or a cheap tambourine. When I interviewed him during Moogfest 2010, he couldn't help remarking about the Muzak piped into the hotel lobby.  Hopkins has worked on film scores (The Lovely Bones, Monsters) and collaborated with Brian Eno, King Creosote and Coldplay, but he is not above lying on his studio floor in order to truly experience his creations before putting them into final production.

"Open Eye Signal" is the single off of Hopkins' latest album, Immunity (out June 4 through Domino Records).  It paves the way with patience,  allowing the track to build without resistance.  The video is filmed by Aolfe McArdle of Colonel Blimp productions, who saw the song as "a singular journey" enlisted skateboarder Chris Chann in California.  McArdle explains, "I liked the idea of a city kid taking us on that journey... just one day suddenly deciding to escape his life and see more of the world in the only way he understands."