Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jon Hopkins Interview @ Moogfest October 2010

I was able to set up an interview with Jon Hopkins at Moogfest through connections via my husband, Paul. He had seen him at CMJ and thought I'd find him dreamy (true) beyond liking his music. We were to meet at the Moogsplex, a dedicated space in a mall off the where workshops and demonstations were going all day and then dj sessions filled the night into wee hours of the next morning. It was there that I experienced Hopkins' music -- his set was full of ambient sound and kick-A beats, full on dj style.

He sauntered in the room and I quickly introduced myself, then gave him a moment to collect himself. We found a place to sit in the hotel lobby to the strains of Musak (photo taken there) for the interview...

My write-up as it appeared on PopMatters here.

Video clips from Moogfest 2010 below (Jon Hopkins at 4:22).