Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Song by Woods "Moving To the Left" (Tour Date in NYC May 16)

Woods (Image via Woodist)
Recently, I was breezing through old playlists on the family computer and found one my son made long ago called, "I Just Really Need Some Acoustic Right Now." I had to smile at the thought, since it's so true how there are plenty of moments when only unplugged music perfectly completes the void.  The band Woods has been a go-to group for filling this requirement in my own music collection (see Late Fall 2012 New Music Playlist) and have just released another album called With Light and With Love. 

Their new song "Moving To the Left" instantly become another favorite for mellowing out, with its easy jam and fuzzy psychedelic vibe. Along the way, there's a synth-like solo in the middle (perhaps a Theremin?) and some wah-wah guitar lines lingering at the end. Take a listen and check out your elevated mood by the end of the tune.

This Brooklyn trio has been around since 2005, with singer/songwriter Jeremy Earl running the label Woodist for releasing their music and more. Also, Woods has just embarked on a extensive tour (full dates here) with a stop at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC Friday, May 16.