Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Playlist of Songs In Honor of Mother's Day (Bands Heard In the Background Over the Years as a Family)

With fond memories of homemade gifts...
Here's a rather personal playlist honoring the Mother's Day holiday - 22 songs encountered along the way during my own days fulfilling a maternal role in the family.  It's a nurturing list of fave bands over the years, musical accompaniment to household activities or even sing alongs, providing that collective pull of related spirits with mouths wide open.  I've especially enjoyed sharing so much new music discovery, as band names were passed about until it became not mine or yours, but simply ours. 

I've never wanted anything festooned with the "World's Best Mom" on it, but I am extremely proud of the simple fact that both of my kids value the arts as something necessary and ever evolving in their lives. You can argue the nature vs. nurture possibilities, but I'd rather think this is also the result of my own mother continuing her role as cultural ambassador. She gladly squired the grandkids to concerts, museums and plays, while having a house with a piano and other instruments at the ready, along with a personal collection of music and books everywhere (plus passing down a wonderful habit of listening to music at full volume.) These are all things I was exposed to growing up as well and continued in my own life as an adult -- taking it all for granted until I found out this was not always the case in other families. 

Link to listen here and remember you can always listen to my new music playlists here!

1. "Stay Up Late" – Talking Heads
2. "Kid"– The Pretenders
3. "Modern Art" – Art Brut
4. "The Youth" – MGMT
5. "Loser" – Beck
6. "Song 2" – Blur
7. "Dirty Harry" – Gorillaz
8. "Home" – Brian Eno & David Byrne
9. "Home" – Dan Croll
10. "The Man Who Love the World" – Nirvana (From MTV Unplugged)
11. "Life On Mars?" – Arcade Fire & David Bowie (From Fashion Rocks)
12. "The Dark of the Matineé" – Franz Ferdinand
13. "What would I want? Sky" – Animal Collective
14. "Stickshifts and Safetybealts" – CAKE
15. "Roam" – The B-52s
16. "Beautiful World" – Devo
17. "Sticks & Stone" – Jónsi
18. " The Perfect Life" (featuring Wayne Coyne) – Moby
19. "Undone (The Sweater Song)" – Weezer
20. "No Surprises"  – Radiohead
21. "Louise Louisa"  – Mew
22. "On Your Way" – The Album Leaf