Friday, November 16, 2012

Late Fall 2012 New Music Playlist

With all the crazy weather adding unnecessary drama to the national elections this fall, at least music fans could be thankful for all the fresh offerings available, presenting a much needed distraction (as long as there was electricity!)  New releases from indie stalwarts Deerhoof, Stars and Cat Power complemented repeats from Two Door Cinema Club, the xx and Freelance Whales along with debuts from Django Django and Melody’s Echo Chamber.   Ready for another playlist with background notes below and link to listen here!

1. “From Nowhere” – Dan Croll
“From Nowhere” is the first official single is from an upcoming debut album from Liverpudlian and MBF Songwriter Award winner Dan Croll.  This spunky tune provides a fun introduction to what is to come.

2. “Presence Of Mind” – The Fresh And Onlys
San Francisco indie rock quartet The Fresh And Onlys recently released their fourth album in four years, Long Slow Dance.  “Presence of Mind” embodies their accessible yet quirky pop vibe. 

3. “Sleep Alone” – Two Door Cinema Club
Irish indie trio Two Door Cinema Club returns to the music scene with their sophomore album, Beacon.  “Sleep Alone” demonstrates their brash confidence in pop hooks.

4. “Fête d’adieu” – Deerhoof
Since 1994, this prolific Brooklyn quartet (originally from San Francisco) has created twelve self-produced albums.  Singer Saromi Matsuzaki embraces a more melodic approach for this animated song about a romantic split – a fitting highlight of the latest album, Breakup Song.

5. “Ruin” – Cat Power
Singer/songwriter Cat Power (neé Charlyn Marie Marshall) has been performing for over fifteen years with her powerful, unique voice.  Marshall plays all the instrumentals on her ninth album, Sun, even incorporating electronic elements this time around.

6. “Angels” – The xx
Dubbed a “miseralist” band by The New York Times, The xx resume their extremely laid back, low-fi approach to songwriting.  “Angels” is the single off the sophomore album, Coexist.

7. “Hail Bop” – Django Django
8. “Default” – Django Django
Scottish quartet Django Django creates full blown guitar romps with psychedelic undertones, as witnessed in these two songs from their self-titled debut album.

9.  “I’m Not Talking” – A.C. Newman
Canadian musician and singer/songwriter Carl Newman (a.k.a. founding member of The New Pornographers) has released a third solo album, Shut Down the Streets. This captivating single, “I’m Not Talking,” features the familiar vocals of band member Neko Case.

10. “Halls Of the Summer” – Caspian
Massachusetts post-rock quintet Caspian released their third studio album of epic instrumentals called Walking Season.  “Halls of Summer” is more of a musical journey than a song.

11.”Cali in a Cup” – Woods
Brooklyn trio Woods channels a sunny West coast ambiance for this single off their seventh album, Bend Beyond.

12. “Activity 3” – Sun Airway
Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter Jon Bauthmus creates music under the moniker Sun Airway, with a second album called Soft Fall. 
Bauthmus takes the extra step of recording strings live after heavy sample manipulation, resulting in a unique texture.

13. “97 Heart Attack” – Earlimart
L.A. indie rock duo Aaron Espinoza and Ariana Murray have been blending their voices since 1999 as Earlimart.  This simple, lilting tune is off their seventh album, System Preferences.

14. “Locked Out” – Freelance Whales
NYC-based Freelance Whales expand their organic blend of acoustic chamber pop with electronic embellishments for their sophomore release, Diluvia. Frontman Judah Dadone continues to lead the way with his airy tenor, which slips easily into an ethereal falsetto.

15. “Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Get It” – Stars
Indie pop band Stars was formed by vocalist Torquil Campbell and keyboardist Chris Seligman in Montreal back in 2001, but they are now living in NYC.  This elegantly sweet offering is off their sixth album, The North.

16. “Endless Shore” – Melody’s Echo Chamber
Parisian songstress Melody Prochet relinquished the musical reigns to Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker to produce her self-titled debut album.  “Endless Shore” is packed with psychedelic distortion to complement Prochet’s self-assured vocals.

17. “Magic Kids” – Indians
Søren Løkke Juul has pre-released a few tracks off a debut album due in January, Somewhere Else. This Copenhagen musician’s latest project has already toured extensively with intriguing, atmospheric compositions such as “Magic Kids.”

18. “Drift Drive” – The Antlers
The Antlers is another bedroom project brought to life on stage as a band.  Vocalist and guitarist Peter Silberman formed the Brooklyn trio with Drummer Michael Lerner and multi-instrumentalist Darby Cicci completing the sound.  “Drift Dive” is the single off a recent EP with an aquatic theme, Undersea.