Tuesday, July 2, 2013

YouTube Playlist of Summer 2013 New Music Songs

You gotta love the rainbow colored heart by the YouTube logo -- my Summer 2013 New Music playlist yielded mostly official videos this time around. I was hoping for a rockin' live version of Divine Fit's "Ain't That the Way," since they're so awesome on stage (We were lucky enough to catch them early at Moogfest 2012) but I had to use a bootleg of an audio upload. Maybe there will be one to use in the future?

"Modern Jesus" by Portugal. The Man. is represented by a very pared down acoustic version on a small stage for 91X radio in San Diego, California.  However, there were two songs in my collection that just couldn't be represented.  I'll link to the Soundcloud pages for Honeymoon and Secret Colors instead, see below.  Link to the rest of the playist here.