Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stereophonics Release Video for New Song "Violins and Tambourines"

There is something about Kelly Jones, lead vocalist and guitarist for the U.K. band Stereophonics.  His singing is both rough and warmly rustic, with a laid back delivery of lyrics yet confidently steadfast in regards to the melody.  I picked a favorite song, "Have a Nice Day," for opening up my Romantic Songs playlist (as a fun project for last Valentine's Day, check out a nice live version on YouTube).  It has such an easy, heartfelt delivery by Jones that captivates me every time.  

So I read with interest that Jones makes his directorial debut with a video for their new song from the upcoming album by the band (their eighth since 1992). "Violins and Tambourines," has an extremely slow build that might seem twice as long without a visual to keep your interest.  But Jones took to the project eagerly, saying how he's loved film and music ever since he was young.  "When I first started writing songs I realized they could paint pictures in your mind, which inevitably leads to telling stories," says Jones. "I've always wanted to combine them both."  Check out his vision and music below.