Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Bear In Heaven Release on NPR's "First Listen"

Bear In Heaven Promo Photo by Nick Helderman
Alt fave band Bear In Heaven amassed some considerable buzz at this year's SXSW festival and now they're gearing up to release their fifth album I Love You, It's Cool, next week (April 3).  The trio actually began back in 1998 as a solo studio project for Jon Philpot down in Atlanta, until a group mentality amassed in Brooklyn by 2003. The trio now includes guitarist Adam Wills and drummer Joe Stickney.  This new collection of songs continues the synth-heavy approach with Philpot vocals buried among psychedelic sensibilities.  Simplistic pop treatments lurk in their lyrics such as "Feels like a thousand years have gone by without you" in "Reflection of You" and "Friends don't know what you've been through" in "Sinful Nature." But with soaring choruses, pulsing beats and majestic guitar lines, all is easily forgiven.

Listen to I Love You, It's Cool in its entirety or song by song, on NPR's "First Listen" program here.