Friday, January 20, 2012

Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s New Video for “Thought Ballune”

Portland's psych rock trio Unknown Mortal Orchestra recently released a video for “Thought Ballune,” co-directed by Jordan Blady and Ryan Knowles.  This laid-back dance track gets a creepy house party treatment, which brings an added element to the song amidst a dingy setting.  The song off a self-titled debut may have been created by New Zealand native Ruban Nielson’s home studio, but he told Rolling Stone that he didn’t want to go out on the road with a “totally substandard” live show.  “I wanted people to be surprised at how good we were, not how bad we were.”

Nielson begins a tour next month with local producer Jake Portrait on bass and drummer Julien Ehrich.  They will be headlining at a few venues in California before joining in support of Girls through the month of March.  Plans also include the requisite stop at SXSW for any buzz-worthy band.