Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Band New Build Releases Four Songs

Over the holidays I heard about a concert March 13 with New Band, a collaboration of sorts with members of two fave bands Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem.  With a household full of family members battling a nasty stomach flu, I did nothing about it until weeks later and the tiny Mercury Lounge was sold out. (A second night March 14 was added but also sold out due to demand.)  Having a birthday in January has taught me to happily acquire things one did not receive for Christmas, so on to StubHub I went to pay through the nose for tickets... perhaps off set by the freebies that come my way? At least I can rationalize it that way.

New Build was created as a "drop in centre for friends" as the London-based group told MixMag last fall.  Al Doyle (of Hot Chip and formerly LCD Soundsystem) and Felix Martin (Hot Chip) joined forces with studio producer Tom Hopkins, along with Pat Mahoney of LCD Soundsystem occasionally joining in.  This morning the band announced four songs from the upcoming album, Yesterday Was Lived And Lost (due March 5), were up on soundcloud.com for consumption.  The tracks are filled with the buoyant dance music expected from these solid synthpop/indietronica types. Before kicking into movement-oriented grooves, the session begins with the ethereal intro of "Do You Not Feel Loved?" Multi-layered world music rhythms of "Mercy" features synth solos in between melodic verses. "Finding Reasons" brings in the steel drum of many Hot Chip songs, capping off a slower tune of vocal harmonies and fuzzy guitar.  "Misery Loves Company" presents a confident stride and crooning similar to Bryan Ferry's Roxy Music, calling us all to ruin.

Steady as I start to loose control
It's not good for the body, but it's good for the soul

Tom Hopkins
Al Doyle (left) & Alexis Taylor