Monday, January 16, 2012

Neon Indian Live Session at KEXP

The live sessions at Seattle station KEXP give new meaning to the term 'intimate' with a tiny studio for recording visits by various bands.  Neon Indian stopped in recently, and among all their gear around there certainly wasn't room for much else.  But the quintet seems perfectly comfortable in this tight space -- with each other and creating the music at hand.  Frontman Alan Palomo provides easy banter to introduce the four-song selection from last year's Era Extra├▒a and 2010’s Psychic Chasms, which put his band solidly on the indie electronic map. The cameras capture every knob turn, layered sound loop and drum beat for an up close and personal look at the group.  Fans can see how every blip and guitar chord is executed, along with who is singing what vocal when. As Palomo says, “Cool.”

KEXP Neon Indian session link here.