Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Fanfarlo Video for "Shiny Things" Minus the Band

Photo courtesy of the band/Atlantic Records
The London band Fanfarlo appeared on the music scene with their solid debut release, Reservoir, back in 2009. The quintet’s rich textures of instrumentation included trumpet, mandolin, clarinet and musical saw, offering a quirky spin on their indie pop vibe.  There is a new video for a song off the upcoming sophomore release due out in February, Rooms Filled With Light.  Director Tim Nackashi came up with the idea for "Shiny Things" with the group, but they are nowhere to be seen.  Instead, three gymnasts are presenting a routine to three judges in a cold, stark room before one of them falls and is hauled away.  Singer Simon Balthazar told NPR that it’s a song about giving things up, and this young woman becomes a sacrifice in short order.  The band will tour throughout the U.S. and Canada beginning in March and without experiencing even a quick appearance in the video, it'll just make fans like me miss them more.