Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jonsi Video "Gathering Stories" From Movie Soundtrack

The team behind movie We Bought A Zoo may be disappointed with their marketing decisions (another Dad in the dumps too close to The Descendants or maybe people just don’t want to see Matt Damon in that role?)  But they can’t blame Jónsi for not coming through with epic, heart-warming music for the soundtrack.  A video for one of the two original tracks created for the score, “Gathering Stories,” is now out via some inventive animation by Crush Creative.  It shows a fantastical world of colorful creatures in an Icelandic-like snowy landscape in similar hues to Jónsi’s homeland and stage design when we caught his show at Moogfest 2010. This song was actually written with director Cameron Crowe, perhaps a lyrical collaboration or decisions in the final production.  I just know I'd love to be in that room while it happened!