Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Out of the Basement -- A Beacon School

Don't get me started about the days of having a band practicing in my basement. How I loved hearing live music pulse through the house, shaking the old floorboards and rattling the glassware. The first song my son Jake wrote with his bandmate Patrick was a result of waiting for a pick up after school and they went from covers to original music as The Seascape in high school. Their myspace still has a few songs from their 20+ songs they recorded together. Now they've gone off to college and other bands, occasionally jamming together over vacations. Patrick's new band, A Beacon School, will be playing in New York City March 22nd as part of a showcase at Webster Hall (info here). You can give a listen to new songs on bandcamp, a great website for artists to get the word out and sell music directly to fans. Check them out at the link below!