Monday, November 22, 2010

Freekbass Interview @ Moogfest Oct 2010

In the slew of emails I received as a publicist going to Moogfest, the band Headtronics caught my attention. The genre of 'funktronica' was certainly new to me but the band features the legendary Bernie Worrell and DJ Spooky along with a bass player known as Freekbass. An interview was arranged with Freekbass and I wasn't sure how things would go since he plays on stage hidden by a black hoodie. Turns out he couldn't have been a nicer guy, an open soul with a sweet mid-Western lilt in his speech. We hung in the Green Room before their show at The Orange Peel, a comfortably worn in venue on the smaller side of things. When Mr. Worrell came through to use the bathroom, there was an opportunity to meet one of music's greats and a quick photo op. Here's my interview for PopMatters here.

Photo of Freekbass with Bernie Worrell