Wednesday, November 12, 2014

YouTube Playlist of Fall 2014 New Music Playlist

This time around the videos for my latest playlist yielded no straight up band in action footage, which I have mentioned before is my favorite kind. Getting a glimpse of a group doing their thing is always a treat, whether in a montage of gigs or any livestream opportunity. The exception here is the Operators' song "Start Again," as I chose a live session from my fave morning listening station KEXP since there was no other official video. Not to complain however, as I was able to see this new band's set up and witness the vibes between the new personnel and rock veteran Dan Boekner (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs and Divine Fits) -- interesting indeed.

I also enjoyed the dancing found in the videos for Foxygen and Sondre Lerche. Californian duo Foxygen brings out colorful characters in a bleak office setting for this psychedelic groove and I especially loved the back up dancers. (Sign me up!) Meanwhile Norwegian singer/songwriter Sondre Lerche shows off his solo moves in a stylish white fitted shirt, although I had a hard time believing he could not attract any partners.

The TV on the Radio, Ariel Pink and Field Report videos were already featured on the blog, but I relished seeing them again in context of the Fall New Music Playlist. Plus kudos for Populous for producing an arty animated video to capture the listener's attention, and Tom Vek's colorful old school Hollywood glamour infuses an effective use of strobe lighting to mimic musical blasts. The September Girls and Cold War Kids opted for black and white footage to tell their song's stories while Bear In Heaven filmed a series of bleak NYC scenes. Sorry to include only an album teaser for my favorite Purling Hiss song, "Learning Slowly,"and Flying Lotus's entire album is up on YouTube but not the track "Turkey Dog Coma." Rounding things out is Zero 7's cover artwork for visuals along with lyric videos for Motopony and The Drums (did I really need to know how to sing EEH EEH OOH OOH?) Check it out below or on the NMMatterscorp YouTube page.