Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Video for TV on the Radio's Single "Happy Idiot" (Plus live concert videos from the NMM archives)

TV on the Radio (Photo via Harvest Records)
TV on the Radio (TOTR) has released a video for the teaser single "Happy Idiot" starring none other than Paul Reubens, a.k.a. that iconic pop culture character Peewee Herman.  Reubens stars as a race care driver cruising past the band in white suits and Karen Gillen (most recently in Gaurdians of the Galaxy) in various female stereotypes offering come hither looks. It's a kicker of a tune, with the usual TOTR charged energy throughout. The group's fifth studio album, Seeds, is due November 18 from Harvest Records.

I have experienced this Brooklyn-based group as headliners at two festivals -- Crossing Brooklyn Ferry 2013 and Moogfest 2011.  Singer Tunde Adebimpe's smooth tenor floats above the sonic urgency provided by these over-qualified musicians, for an indie rock band at least.  Check out our live concert videos and listen up to the "Happy Idiot" below.