Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Song by Ariel Pink "Put Your Number In My Phone" (Album Due November 18)

Ariel Pink
Once again, I am smitten by a song from L.A. based artist Ariel Pink (born Ariel Marcus Rosenberg). He is musically talented to be sure, with just enough tongue in his cheek to keep things interesting. His song as Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, "Only in My Dreams," earned a spot on my Fall 2012 New Music Playlist with its swirl of hazy synths and a skeptic's view of modern romance.

I've already heard the lead single and title track for Ariel Pink's upcoming album via 4AD out November 18, "pom pom," plenty on KCRW. This pure pop confection has that same recognizable vibe. Listen closely and what you think you've all heard before is instantly rejuvenated, by this lyrical update referencing the simple act of putting one's number into another's phone. The song is part of a double album of seventeen tracks and as Ariel Pink explains, "Although this is the first 'solo' record credited to my name, it is by far the least 'solo' record I have ever recorded." Take a listen to the new song below.