Tuesday, June 24, 2014

YouTube Playlist of Summer 2014 New Music Playlist Songs

This YouTube playlist has a few videos that make a direct connection between a passion for music and the freedom of movement in the form of dance (Todd Terje and The Horrors) or other movement, even bouncing on a bed (Waters). Many are just official audio placed online with album cover artwork, but some boast full production with a backstory separate from the song (Lykke Li and Hamilton Leithauser).  I'm still a fan of being able to see a band at work, playing instruments whether in earnest or not plus I can't resist at least one live video (Jimi Goodwin and Conor Oberst in a gig on a previous post).  And I had to replace the De Lux song with another, "It All Works All the Time" as there wasn't anything to be had for "Moments." 

Link to listen and watch the montage here or click video below.