Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Song by Goldspot "The Border Line" (New Album Out)

Goldspot (photo from band's Facebook page)
During the "John In the Morning" show on last Friday, Goldspot's song "Friday" was appropriately rolled out to end the week.  It promptly inspired one of my kitchen dance solo, more interpretive in nature than usual in order to match the epic swells of this favorite tune. (Goldspot has an adorable video for "Friday" featuring frontman Siddhartha Khosla back in grade school, check it out here if you haven't seen it!)

After tweeting about this activity and my love of the song, I received a thank you response from the band plus a link to a new song/video for "The Border Line." off the latest album released last month, Aerogramme (via Mt. Hoboken/ Nice Music Group).  "The Border Line" video is a pastiche of found footage featuring all types of dancers.  As the song chugs along, a melody hovers above a strong percussive foundation and choruses ring out like a clarion with the familiar vocal prowess of Khosla. Although I miss spotting the band in the video, the collection of dancers is still entertaining to watch.  I especially like the fancy ballroom moves around gleaming appliances, but also how the movement of untrained individuals are deemed just as worthy in the mix -- this is clearly a danceable tune in any culture.