Friday, May 31, 2013

New Song by The Dodos "Confidence" (Album due August 27)

Meric Long and Logan Kroeber (Photo via Polyvinyl Records)
The Dodos are back with a new single, "Confidence," from their forthcoming album Carrier, which is coming out August 27 through Polyvinyl Records.  This San Franciso duo of Meric Long (guitar/vocals) and Logan Kroeber (drums/backing vocals) may be lumped under in indie rock genre but their influences are found much further outside that spectrum, from West African Eve drumming and progressive metal to country blues fingerpicking.

I interviewed Meric Long after their last albumNo Color, in 2011, after seeing them at Terminal 5 with The New Pornographers, performing a larger-than-life opening set that exploded from the stage.  He discussed how each of the four albums since the band's forming in 2006 had been quite a different experience, yet always focused on a percussion-centric sound.  "Confidence" continues in that vein, with guitars strumming in a rhythmic way until the drums enter.  Long's sweetly mellow voice is still front and center above the fray, even when it all lets loose.  Stream the song below or on  the label's SoundCloud page and check out the fun teaser video for the album.