Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Song by The Go! Team "The Scene Between" (Album Due March 24)

Ian Parton (Photo via Memphis Industries)
U.K. band The Go! Team is back with a new video for the title track of the upcoming release, The Scene Between (due March 24 via Memphis Industries).  This is the latest album since 2011's Blackouts, with ensuing rumors that it could be the last effort by the band. So I was thrilled to hear this news and dive into the world of exuberance that is The Go! Team, as embodied in this psychedelic video. As directed by James Slater, it stars a choir of everyday people in neon robes amid majestic landscapes from around the world. The songs have always had way too much going on yet it somehow all makes sense, while elevating the listener into a borderless community of race and musical genres.

Brighton's Ian Parton had this vision to mix Sonic Youth-style guitars and double Dutch chants, plus elements of classic hip hop, electro and over the top Bollywood productions. The first album (2004's Thunder, Lightning, Strike) was created in his parent's kitchen, so he had to put together a band when asked to play festivals after this successful debut. The breakout song, "The Power Is On," found its way onto commercial and movie soundtracks, but I remember "We Just Won't Be Defeated" as my favorite. Its unapologetic simple piano introduction brings on a "Let's Rock" in vocals and attitude, along with an uplifting chorus of horns. This edge of cacophony is found in the new song as well, allowing a refreshing humanistic world view and inviting us along.  Listen to "The Scene Below" with the video below -- just don't be shy to add some jazz hands of your own.