Friday, January 16, 2015

Birthday Playlist of Random Songs Heard January 15, 2015

Birthday dinner with oyster shooters & our BYO OLD BAY
Like my post last year, I started a list of songs heard during my birthday that seemed chosen especially for me. So here's another playlist of music that appeared throughout the day as I tuned into fave radio stations KEXP, KCRW and WFUV's The Alternate Side online or otherwise in the kitchen, at my desk or in the car. I also enjoyed John In the Morning's pick of "Spiritual High Part III" by Moodswings, sampling the famous words of Martin Luther King with whom I share my birthday. (I'll post it below, always inspirational but especially appropriate as we head into the long MLK holiday weekend.) There was also a live session with Panda Bear on KCRW -- listen to it in the archives here -- that I enjoyed midday as if I was in the room.  And on my way home from a yoga class later I heard that Field Report song, "Home (Leave the Lights On)" that I wrote about during an emotional time last fall. During this listen however I turned the corner and saw my own cozy house lit up in welcome, simply because I had thought to turn on the lights before I left. It was a nod to being another year older and a nice reminder to take care of myself.

Take a listen on Spotify here or at the widget on the home screen.

1. "Dreams Never End" - New Order
2. "Follow" - Mr. Gnome
3. "All My Friends" - LCD Soundsystem
4. "Where It's At" - Beck
5. "First Song" - Band of Horses
6. "Jumping Jack Flash" - Rolling Stones
7. "Home (Leave a Light On)" - Field Report