Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New Video for Moby's "Almost Home" (Plus Recent Appearances on KCRW)

A few years ago, Grammy-winning electronic musician Moby switched coasts, relocating from New York City to the Hollywood Hills. He recently appeared on the L.A. NPR station KCRW’s new program “Press Play” to discuss the decision (listen to the entire program here) as well as "Morning Becomes Eclectic" where he played some "random songs." He also discussed "the dark side of digital photography" and his belief that the apocalypse has already happened. (Listen to that program in the KCRW archives here.)  

Moby's latest video for "Almost Home" explores the universal tug of home, wherever that may be, is portrayed from the vantage point of one tiny stuffed dog, using a shoestring budget of just ten dollars. I just love Moby's cameo, reminding me of the time I flew into L.A. and the driver left me waiting as he circled around looking for the actress Jane Seymour. As a heart ache of a song, “Almost Home,” features the plaintive tenor of Damien Jurado -- just one of the collaborations on Moby’s latest album, Innocents. It seems there’s just no place like home, even for a tiny stuffed animal.