Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Beach House Post Short Film, "Forever Still"

Beach House Photo via Sub Pop Records
Dream pop duo Beach House released a short film on their website Monday, Forever Still, which to date has over 75,000 views.  Produced with PitchforkTV and help from director Max Goldman, the film captures the band playing four selections from last year's album, Bloom.  Directly inspired by Pink Floyd's Life at Pompeii, the footage was pieced together from four nights in and around Tornillo, Texas (where Bloom was recorded).  The group adopted a conscious effort to retain creative control and "a need to distance [themselves] from the 'content' culture" (guilty as charged!)  Beach House hopes that fans will carve out the 26 minutes necessary to experience their set as a whole.  French-born songstress Victoria Legrand stands at attention playing a Yamaha keyboard, casting a spell from under her bangs as bandmate Alex Scally delivers echoing guitar lines and touring musician Daniel Franz takes care of percussion.

I caught Beach House opening up for Vampire Weekend in the fall of 2010, after their third album Teen Dream, had boosted their upward trajectory in the music scene.  It was at Radio City Music Hall, so the sound couldn't have been better and their stage show was simply as mesmerizing as their music.  Here's another opportunity to indulge in their m.o. with another collection of songs.

Forever Still track listing:
1. Wild
2. The Hours
3. Wishes
4. Irene