Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Talk Continues re: Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime Show

The conversation continues after Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday, watched by over 100 million people. It's one thing to give a performance review, but it's totally different asking if she should still be doing her thing considering her age. Twitter comments on World News with Diane Sawyer ran the gamut of hoping to look so good at that age to equating the show to watching Grandma kissing the pool boy.  I was hoping to hear Sawyer weigh in, a woman still at the top of her game a decade older, but that did not happen. In case you missed it or would like another look, see below.

Since Madonna is only a bit older than I am, I find this particularly offensive especially since two years ago aging rockers The Who appeared. (Plus before that it was Bruce Springsteen and before that Tom Petty, case closed! Wikipedia even has its own page listing the history, go figure.)  I emulated her style when she appeared on the scene, with my hair poorly permed and held back with bowed head bands to complement my vintage duds.  Her oh-so danceable music and the no-excuses persona has held our attention for decades. In honor of her longevity -- or at least I like to think so -- my blog brand PopMatters has published an article chronicling the Top 15 Madonna Singles of All Time

While I would be able to pull off those dance moves, not in sky high stilettos as expected of female pop stars these days.  Not that I agree with that notion, gasping as I saw her loose her balance during a near wipe out.  And while actual singing would be nice in any live performance, all that movement doesn't leave room for that plus arena acoustics are known to be nasty. Her costumes were over the top but certainly not capable of any wardrobe malfunction. Performing with younger artists like Nicki Minaij and M.I.A. is another  trick up Madge's sleeve, as we've seen before.  Those censors clearly did not do there homework, a quick review of the song "Give me All Your Lovin'" and knowledge of M.I.A.'s past would have thwarted anything offensive in NBC or NFL's eyes.  The only thing I found cringe worthy was when Madonna got on the shoulders of one of those LMFAO guys.  The rest was pure show biz, even bringing gay culture into a very hetero event with her hit, "Vogue."  Instead of pushing the issue of marriage equality, Madonna went with a message of WORLD PEACE spelled out at the end.  Never mind, Prop 8 was declared unconstitutional days later.