Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Grimes Release Picked for NPR's "First Listen"

NPR's "First Listen" program is offering a preview of Visions by Grimes before it is released February 21 via 4AD.  Canadian dj and producer Claire Boucher has already recorded two full-length albums and one EP under the name Grimes.  The dream pop electronica songs are full of dance beats and layered loops, with her piercing soprano vocals floating above it all. When she played a supporting slot for Washed Out in New York City last summer, it was hard to get excited about a elf-like young gal all alone with only her keyboard up on stage.  The music seems more fully realized in the studio setting, making a richer experience for the listener.  A stand out second track, "Genesis," pulses along with a vibrant underpinning of contrapuntal keyboard lines.  The rest of the tunes meander a bit beyond these parameters, unfortunately limiting the musical range.

Listen to the session at the link here.