Monday, February 6, 2012

New Song/Video from Pretty Lights "We Must Go On"

I’ve known about the electronic music of Pretty Lights, but nothing has really caught my ear the way a new song “We Must Go On” has (recently released with a self-produced video, see below).   It presents the hip hop vibe with an uplifting yet reflective vocal hook, saying “times will get better.”  The mastermind behind Pretty Lights, Colorado-based artist Derek Vincent Smith, created the video with his girlfriend, visual artist Krystle Blackburn.  Together with two Canon 7Ds and about six lenses, they collected footage during their travels in 2011, which included London, Paris, Warsaw, Oslo, Vancouver, Prague, Auckland, Sydney, and across the United States (NYC, New Orleans, Detroit, Denver) plus many more.  The video is a collage showing a collective human experience, snippets of lives around the globe.  Smith relates this to the name of his musical project, Pretty Lights, as “it embodies the essence of the artistic eye and the idea that almost any moment, anywhere, can be a moment of inspiration and beauty.”  Both the song and the video are available for download at the band’s website,