Friday, April 1, 2016

New Song by Autolux, "Selectallcopy" (New Album Out & NYC Tour Date April 5)

Eugene Goreschter, Carla Azur & Greg Edwards of Autolux
L.A. noise pop trio Autolux has released its third album today, Pussy's Dead (30th Century Records). It is the first since 2010's Transit Transit, which landed the song "Audience No. 2" on my Winter 2011 New Music Playlist. The single for the new album, "Soft Scene" was shared last fall, but the lead track "Selectallcopy" caught my ear recently via KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic.

The introduction alone is worth a listen, with all its sonic complexity. Autolux is not your typical mope rock band, all fuzz and desperation (although you gotta love the chorus bemoaning how "it's so so sad, to be happy all the time.") "Selectallcopy" is here, but the entire album is worth a listen.  The group is also heading out on tour -- dates include a stop at the Bowery Ballroom April 5, along with festivals like Coachella and Seattle's Sasquatch!