Friday, November 6, 2015

New Song by Dr. Dog, "Badvertise" (NYC Tour Date March 18)

Dr. Dog with Pig Iron Theatre Co. (Photo via
Dr. Dog calls itself an indie psych-pop outfit, but really the most important thing is how the music resonates as pure raucous fun, whether played in the recording studio or at a community festival (when I caught the band during Greenwich Town Party in 2014). This group hails proudly from West Grove, PA outside of Philly and makes the most of its rock roots. However, the latest song "Badvertise" pulls out crazy energy in a synth-heavy blast (the song is available here and watch the video below or over on YouTube). It's a result of a collaboration back in September between Dr. Dog and the Pig Iron Theatre Co. called SWAMP IS ON. As directed by Ilan Bachracht and Jost Higgason, the visuals in the video bleed into one trippy infomercial of wacky commercialism.

The band will heading out on tour with a date at Terminal 5 on March 18, make plans now!