Friday, November 2, 2012

Moogfest 2012: Music In the Streets of Asheville

Our power came back just in time for the colder weather last night, so I spent the morning cleaning out the frig and doing other domestic duties neglected by lack of electricity.  The fun time we had in Asheville definitely helped warm the heart, not only taking in the acts playing the venues of Moogfest but also the many musicians on the streets of this arty town. Music is integral part of this place anytime, anywhere.

It's a crime to panhandle but not to put out something asking for money in return for a song, or in the case of this photo, a rap!  Our 'animal' friends Terri and Will are shown enjoying their own personalized free form rap, complete with a beat box accompaniment, for one dollar.  Paul caught a few of the people we met within just a small radius in downtown Asheville Saturday afternoon so here's another video of Moogfest 2012 highlights, enjoy!