Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spiritualized "Live In Concert" via NPR Music

NPR Music has posted a recent concert of Spiritualized as an entire listening session along with six "featured videos." The concert was recorded last week at the Washington D.C. venue 9:30 club (named for its original address of 930 F Street NW during the 80s, now located at 815 V Street NW). In my book it’s a perfect mid-sized space to see a show, with a standing only capacity of 1200.  Sure it's not the same as being there, but I welcome these fly on the wall opportunities to check out a band's performance style.  Looking at the footage, you not only witness the nuances in the songs presented and how they vary from the produced tracks, but also the interactions of various band members, even if it's just on your computer screen.  The audio stream provides the entire show, over two hours of live music to indulge in right at home or work if such things are allowed.

Here the theatrics of a psychedelic light show cut across the blackened stage with frontman Jason Pierce (a.k.a. J. Spaceman) and his back up singers all dressed in white. Pierce’s voice is raw and gravely, as he plays guitar while standing behind a mike stand in black sunglasses. While there may not be much movement by those on stage, waves of emotion pour out in the music.  Most of the set list are from Pierce’s latest release, Sweet Heart Sweet Light, a personal collection of alt rock anthems full of triumph as well as serious songs revealing doubts about our limited time on earth.  I have two tracks already picked out for my next playlist... stay tuned.

Link to NPR Music’s “Live in Concert” page here.


  • "Hey Jane"
  • "Lord Let It Rain On Me"
  • "Headin' for the Top Now"
  • "Walkin' with Jesus"
  • "Oh Baby"
  • "Rated X"
  • "Born Never Asked"
  • "Electric Mainline"
  • "Soul on Fire"
  • "I Am What I Am" *
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space" *
  • "Mary"
  • "Stay with Me" *
  • "So Long You Pretty Thing" *
  • "She Kissed Me (And It Felt Like a Hit)" *
  • "Come Together" *
  • "Cop Shoot Cop"
* featured video