Friday, May 18, 2012

Caveman @ Brooklyn Museum May 17

Caveman at The Brooklyn Museum
I like to arrive early to concerts. Maybe it's because I used to perform as a dancer and in back high school musicals, arriving before things get going just feels right.  That way I can get a sense of the space, the crowd and even the band as it's setting up.  I had just seen Caveman at Crossing Brooklyn Ferry killing it on the big stage so it was going to be quite a comparison at a smaller venue.  The band was going through their sound check as I arrived at the Brooklyn Museum. I even got to chat a bit with the band before they headed for the green room and a tray of Brooklyn Lagers.  I had thought the Audiophile program would be in the auditorium where I saw Moby do an acoustic set and interview last May, but this year's music series was right in the entry pavilion.  So while the bands played (NewVillager was on the bill first), a constant wave of people and traffic pulsed behind the stage.  It was almost like footage on a scrim used by many a band on larger, more traditional venues.  

Frontman/singer Matt Iwanusa

Here's some photos and a video from the night -- PopMatters write up here

Reflection of the band on the ceiling

                                       Caveman "Decide" @ Brooklyn Museum 5/17/12