Sunday, October 30, 2011

Moogfest 2011 Day #2

The eventful morning began with a fire alarm blasting throughout the hotel about 9:30 am.  I threw something decent on in anticipation of perhaps running into a band member or two but there were only a smattering of people who took things seriously.  After a visit from the Asheville Fire Department, it was determined that  overly steamy shower had set off the alarm.  (Hard to imagine as the shower stalls are so huge that it's hard to warm things up before hopping in!)  It was good exercise to walk down the stairs six floors so we did the same back up to finish getting ready the day.  On the way down later, we stepped into an elevator with the one and only Brian Eno who was giving an "Illustrated Talk" about his art exhibit in town later that afternoon.  Paul was the one to confirm his identity and them became completely starstruck as I've never seen him.  I had to chime in about how we've been fans since the days of Roxy Music -- to which he replied something charming about how I didn't seem old enough... we asked for a photo in the lobby with Paul's hat that Mr. Eno liked (he was such a sweet guy, full of compliments!)

Later, while waiting to enter the building for the lecture I saw a white commercial van going by with a bunch of guys in the back eyeing the line to get in... with one of them looking like Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips!  I could help but smile, giving him a cheery wave and when he waved back I threw him a thumbs up.  What a moment to share but no one but myself, at the time anyway. The Flaming Lips are one of my fave bands and I had never seen them play live -- until later that night!  Definitely the highlight of the day, maybe even the entire festival.  Can now check them off my concert bucketlist, with their blow out showmanship with huge balloons, strobe lights, confetti blasts and of course fully realized songs.  It was cold in the parking lot venue, but the crowd closed in and Coyne had everyone up the noise to keep everyone warm. As a tribute to Bob Moog, they lovingly played a Flaming Lips version of Emerson Lake & Palmer's "Lucky Man"with its original synth solo, although this time played on an ipad app.  The final song, "Do You Realize" was a sing along I'll always remember.  See below for photos from the show, along with scenes on the streets of Asheville and clips from the other acts of the day (Cant, The Naked & Famous, Adrian Belew, Amon Tobin, and St. Vincent).