Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Interview with Red Hot Organization Founder John Carlin

Earlier this summer, a list of interview opportunities sent out to PopMatters writers included John Carlin, the founder of Red Hot Organization. Since 1990, this organization has released fifteen compilation albums, along with related events and television programs to raise funds for HIV/AIDS. The latest, Red Hot + Rio, is an extensive work featuring 33 tracks highlighting the Tropicália music of Brazil. I have owned many of them (even on cassette years ago) and would have been happy to purchase them just for the works of art that they are, with inspired musical collaborations and unique album artwork. Yet the spirit behind the creative forces was never forgotten -- it was a way to honor those lost and inspire those who are working for a cure. I remember the days when opening up The New York Times meant reading about another casualty to the disease. Then things hit close to home: two individuals taken from life way too soon and I morn them year after year. In honor of my family friend with the brilliant mind and my college dancer pal who choreographed one of my favorite performances ever, I offer up this interview. It also gave me a chance to personally thank the man who came up with the idea, raising millions of dollars towards the cause.

My PopMatters interview here.