Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ra Ra Riot on Jimmy Kimmel Live, January 20

Ra Ra Riot (RRR) was formed during their college years at Syracuse University much like Vampire Weekend (VW) did at Columbia University. Fun fact is how RRR's lead singer Wes Miles is a childhood friend of VW's Rostam Batmanglij, but I digress. Now into their fifth year and a second album The Orchard, released last year, RRR is a band crazy with energy live -- thus their name. I was able to see it first hand though from the third tier at the Brooklyn Academy of Music last February and highly recommend catching a live gig if given the opportunity. I chose the song "Boy" for a recent playlist and here it's performed confidently on stage at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show January 20th, offering a glimpse on a headlining gig. For the song "Too Dramatic" the band gathers closely across the front of the stage for the chorus harmonies, following Miles's sweet lead vocals (just not sure about the new Harry Potter glasses for him however!)