Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Musical Hype -- Biggest TV Show EVER with 106.5 million viewers!

Even the chat before yoga class on Super Bowl Sunday focused on the game. My husband introduced me to a friend he met in the men's class during the week and talk veered towards the half time show featuring The Who. During a recent interview someone had asked Roger Daltrey who he was rooting for and graciously picked the Saints with all the hardship recently faced by New Orleans, etc. When asked the same question, Pete Townshend said he'd have to pick the Colts then -- nice to know some things never change, isn't it?

After the chuckling my husband's yogi pal told me how he went to see The Who three years ago and it was one of the best concerts he's ever seen."Really!" I exclaimed, realizing I was probably overreacting to the news by the look on his face. He went on to espouse about how they played this and that, but my mind was on to wondering why I should be so biased. Even those two blood brothers have reneged on the words of their song "hope I die before I get old" but I've held this prejudice for a long, long time.

It's not that I think these classic rock bands shouldn't be out there making music decades later. I'm just not one to jump at going to see them in concert. I remember way back during my college days in the 80s hearing about someone who had tickets to the Rolling Stones and thinking why bother? But then I know friends who have recently taken their kids to see them and it was a wonderful outing for everyone involved. Yes, I'm usually all about new music but I'm still happy when I stumble upon a band that has a back catalogue to explore (Spoon and The Doves comes to mind).

As for the half time show, it's always been a highlight of Super Bowl Sunday whether I liked the musical act or not. But for that matter I love the hoopla surrounding sports, the pregame especially. The Who took the stage with an amazing light show and seem to rock it through a medley of hits (from 1969's Tommy to 1971's Who's Next up to 1978's Who Are You) though I'm not sure if the stamina would last through a whole evening's performance -- something they've clearly said is not in the plans. Most of the camera time went to Ringo's son Zak Starkey, an unofficial member of the band since 1994. A younger "mocker" in his mid 40s as opposed to The Who's leaders in their mid 60s, he looked adorably English in a Union Jack inspired shirt and seems as sweet as his Dad, certainly as talented. However, the rest of the back up musicians were left in the dark on the side. If only they could have done something with Pete Townsend's shirt becoming untucked... another wardrobe malfunction in my book. No one needed to see that!