Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New Song by Gold Panda, "In My Car" (New Album Out)

Gold Panda (Photo via Ghostly International)
What is it about music in a car – the instant escape of listening to an awesome song with the combination of being on wheels and gliding down a road, definitely one of life's greatest gifts. Gold Panda's new dreamy tune "In My Car" captures the notion perfectly. It caught my ear the other morning on KEXP, spun by the station's DJ Morgan (who said this came to mind for the playlist while stuck in traffic on the way to the studio that morning!)  As the stand out track on Gold Panda's fourth studio album since 2010, Good Luck and Do Your Best, the music floats along in a wavy pattern of electronics to provide a sonic journey.

The U.K. producer/composer, now based in Berlin, is currently on a world tour through the fall in support of the new album.  Listen to "In My Car" in the official video as directed Rob Brandon, where Gold Panda spends a sweet day with his dear Granny.