Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Songs by Peter Bjorn and John on NPR's "World Cafe" (Album in the Works)

World Cafe session (Photo via XPN by Joachim Belaleff)
Swedish indie pop trio Peter Bjorn and John (PB&JK) recently recorded a live session that aired on NPR's "World Cafe" yesterday from the X-Level Studio in Stockholm. I hadn't heard anything from the band since 2011's popular Gimme Some, with the single "Second Chance" finding its way on TV in several commercials and even as a theme song. Tracks appeared on my Late Spring 2011 Playlist and I caught them on tour in support of the album during a raucous show at the Bowery Ballroom, which easily made its way on to my top 25 concert list.

The live session began with older songs such as "Second Chance" with "Amsterdam" and "Ice," providing an instant reminder about why this is one of my favorite bands. These songs are filled with pop hooks and bouncy grooves that carry the listener to a musical wonderland. During the interview with host David Dye, Peter Morén, Björn Yttling and John Eriksson admitted that this album is taking twice as long as they expected as many songs were scrapped half way through the process. They also spoke about the music scene in Stockholm as tight knit and extremely healthy. Three new songs were then offered up for preview, "a subdued ballad called "Breaking Point," along with the more up tempo and familiar sounding "Do Si Do" and "Objects of My Affection" (even bringing back whistling like the 2006 hit song "Youngfolks"!) Check things out here or on NPR's "World Cafe" website. Videos and a free download are also promised over at the program's Tumbler page. Now if the band would only finish up and release the album...