Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Song "Top of the World" by Legs (Album Out Today & NYC Tour Dates April 7 & 12)

Another band of brothers plus one - Legs
Brooklyn band Legs has a self-released album out today, Altitud, with a single that recently caught my ear serving as the lead off track, "Top of the World." It has a solid groove and smooth vocals to warrant repeat listens and get body parts going, always considered a plus in my music collection.

The band was formed in 2013 by Seattle-based Tito Ramsey with his brother Jack and childhood friend Charles Larson along with Ecuadorian brothers Juan Miguel and Herman Marin. Their Soundcloud page describes the music as a delectable mix of synth pop, post disco and indie dance. In the video for "Top of the World" Legs put its name to work as the song creates some serious musical magic. There's just something wonderful about seeing guys willingly let loose on a dance floor, even if its just toe tapping at times.

Altitud can be purchased as a digital download here and catch Legs in NYC at Mercury Lounge on April 7 or the Ace Hotel on April 12. As the band suggests, wear your dancing shoes!