Friday, July 25, 2014

Band of Horses @ The Capitol Theatre, NY July 24

Singer Ben Bridell
Band of Horses creates the kind of music that makes you stop, listen and feel.  The group is unafraid of grand gestures and deep emotions, with an indie rock base that crosses into Southern rock. Lyrics delivered in a distinctive twang deal with screen doors swayin', fixin' drinks in the morning and incredibly romantic yearnings, such as "my thoughts drift to you." Chorus lines repeat to emphasize meaning while building fervor, never as a repetitive exercise. Over four albums since 2004, their sound swings from sweet lullabies to soaring crescendos of melody and stomping rockers with blasts of guitar -- all benefiting from the immediacy of live performance. 

The core quintet since 2010 is now based in Charleston, South Carolina and treated fans to a 20-song set at The Capitol Theatre, all wearing jeans and beards on recent summer's night: singer/songwriter Ben Bridell (guitar), Tyler Ramsey (guitar), Bill Reynolds (bass), Creighton Barrett (percussion) and Ryan Monroe (keyboards/mandolin). This evening began with Midlake downsized to an acoustic trio, which unfortunately drained the songs from any anthemic punch. Band of Horses then led off with the lilting "Way Back Home," moving into the sweeping orchestral gestures of "Factory," both from Infinite Arms (2010).  Another hit for the band, "Ode to LRC" from Cease to Begin (2007) was offered up early, a song with the audacity to break into a "la-di-da" ending after declaring "The world is such a wonderful place" over and over (as captured in the video below). "No One's Gonna Love You" brought another highlight with heartfelt lyrics how "No one's gonna love you more than I do" (my soundtrack choice if I should ever feel a need to renew my wedding vows).  

Brindell earnestly responded to the appreciative crowd with lots of "thanks y'all," allowing the music to do the requisite soul bearing. Even bandmates Ramsey and Reynolds knew to step back occasionally and keep things still to let the passionate vocals ring out through the venue. Check out the set list along with some photos and videos, plus at the very end of the post is an awesome poster printed especially for the night by a friend of the band (that I got signed by all five members of the band after the show!)

Happy fans with set list (thx for the photo op!)
Me & Asheville's own Tyler Ramsey
Paul & Ryan Monroe