Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Submarines Interview & Show @ The Music Hall of Williamsburg April 26th

NYC has some great venues these days busy booking acts thanks to The Bowery Presents group overseeing tradional (Webster Hall, Mercury Lounge) and nice additions to the scene (Terminal 5, The Bowery Ballroom and The Music Hall of Williamsburg). The Music Hall of Williamsburg has a funky bar area below the main room which is a fun hangout preshow -- it was here that is was decided I was to interview The Submarines before their show on April 26th.

The band basically consists of young married couple John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard with a bass and drum players for live gigs. This is my fifth musical couple interview (you could say I have the market covered: Mates of State, The Octopus Project, Tom Tom Club and Matt & Kim). I find the subjects extremely interesting, being married to a musician myself and thinking what what might it be like if we were BOTH musicians? Blake was more outgoing, chatting about the dress she planned to wear later, etc. John tended towards more sparse conversation in quiet tones. Their warm up band was doing a sound check so things were noisy as it was and then the bartender started setting up by dumping ice and clanging classes. I was worried about the recording device picking up everything plus I'm always nervous about being the one who has to push "play" if on my own. The interview went really well and they were so nice about a photo op afterwards -- until I noticed the "card full" display on the recorder! Was hoping most of the interview was caught but no such luck. Jotting down notes furiously soon afterwards I was able to piece together an article, plus the review of the night featuring fun live songs. It actually turned out quite well, phew.

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